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Artistic statment

Publié le par °~Ernest Dükü~°

Born in Ivory Coast, he spent his childhood between Abidjan the Capital of his birthplace Bouake or his mother sells traditional loincloths.

 It thus learns all the richness from symbols of the Art of the Akan group Which extends from Ghana in the center of Ivory Coast.

 Its tales and, its legends bases on the watery universe and feminine and the ancestral knowledge which blinds the universe and the men.


1982 he settled in France, which he obtained several diplomas in the field of Art and architecture.Thereafter, he decided to direct it work towards the creation of furniture, the study of materials of training to the mixture of skate.

He will turn exclusively to painting.

The first range on the abstraction are built from the AKAN SIGNS, they will grow rich by nuances Egyptians and African Art. The interest which it carries on the study of the African pictorial, expressions and of the writing in particular Universe of pictograms, the graphemes , the writing symbolic system of truths hidden on Egypt Antique and its relations with Back African. junction ( what it calls with a point of humor ) “ The unvoiced comments which encumber our reports ” around a concept that definite as being “the expression of the word of the river with the word of the thread “

 This source of inspiration releases an expression pictorial beyond the mystical borders.” It appears difficult to me to speak about this mystical aspect. Mysticism for me does not apply has what is strange, unexplainable or unreal, it is more simply a research of the truth and values eternal, an advance by which on acquires a conscience and an intimate comprehension in the reality of our time....” and lets our imaginary roves wonder about the question relating to civilizations, their bases spiritedness.

 The "mixture "leaves us with admiration He has the art mix pastels, paintings, with the other processes making evolve its technique to more matter. The incrustations of cord, give relief to the matter of the work. It not simply anymore of the painting, these works for him to adopt the expression of sculptured. The pictures not being framed, supervised anymore, investigate the become integrated him it oeuvre.

He assimilates the heritages of the history of Art African and Westerner.Of this form of expression result of a glance crosses, the call of Africa, the opening in the world is done more and more, in order of the plastic search for the “aesthetics" intervenes like codes of the correspondences, of convergences."These famous unvoiced comments”, work
as well as the plastic and artistic step cause interrogations. We are opposite the signs which open new ways. On This subject, he says to us... “My plastic step is never completely instinctive; at least, I want that instinctive act sets up of concept. The image come from my reading, of my dream, in the books, I seek things which cannot be written, the
mysterious heart of the life. Painting becomes a means of reaching knowledge, of a nature direct work. It is not the end in itself. I want above all to tell simply the histories of which the glance of the other can form part to be questioned...a kind of place of confrontation.

Laya Bales

Traduction Agnes French

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